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Vaani Section

 Sri Sri Thakur Nigamananda Paramhansadev has given immense valuable instructions and teachings on different occasions on different subjects. His teachings are meant for all sections of the people. In this section we have a collection of some significant and invaluable instructional speeches (Gospel) of Thakur Sri Sri Nigamananda Paramahansadev as delivered by His holy month and written by His holy hand.

From 'Ami Ki Chai'

  •   "India is a land of religion. Be elevated spiritually in religion so as to assume the place of the Preceptors (Guru) in the world. The western world is making development in worldly prosperity. With them you exchange your respective wealth. ."

  •   " From you I expect nothing. Only I want to see your smiling face. When you look gloomy and depressed it aches my heart."

  •   "Forget about the past failures and instead, give again a stress on achieving humanitarian qualities. Try to become a true-man—a saintly being, and that is my hope and for that I bless you."

  •   " I want to see God, the Divine in each and every of you. Your body is but the temple of God. So you should not defile this temple in any way."

  •   "I do want that you become the ideal family men. I want you to become united, I also want that there may be exchange of ideas amongst you, and in this way you just acquire the right to taste the pleasure of immortality even in this mortal earth."

  •   "My principal aim and object is the establishing of ideal units of family life. In the past there were such families in the country, as a result of which there prevailed peace and happiness in each and every house, and the country then thus could reach the topmost position in every sphere. And in absence of that, there has followed such a degradation of the society. Let you again become ideal family men by following the ways as prescribed by the ancient Rishis (Sages)—this I expect of you and for that I also bless you."

From 'Abhay Vani?'

  •   "You are the sons of Brahmamoyee, the Divine Mother; so long you have been sleeping under delusion; now that you have already known the nature of your own self by the grace of your Preceptor (Guru), then why yet to hesitate ? By leaving aside all your idleness and giving up all sorts of your weakness, raise up yourself, and with the shouting of 'Mother', 'Oh Mother', awaken the Mother's sons from their sleep; with the same sound of shouting 'Mother' declare about the appearing of the Holy Mother in this Bengal, let the air on all sides be resounded with the name of the Mother."

  •   "Dear child! Be a real human being. There is a dearth of real human beings in this world. When your heart becomes pure and sacred, Lord Himself will descend to materialize your longing to attain truth. Root out all the egoism and pride from your heart and surrender humbly at the feet of Lord. In all respect seek refuge in him. Completely depend on him. Pray before Him with an open heart without any reservation; leave up to Him all your joys and sorrows. hopes and despair. It will lead you to total enlightenment."