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Statement of 'Bhakta Sammilanis' in regular succession

SL NoPlaceAddressYear(Beng)Year(Eng)Brief
14thMadhya Bangla Saraswat AshramPurbhasthali, West Bengal13351928Distinguished and beloved disciple, Prafulla Kumar Bhanjadeo, the king of Bastar joined here. From here 'Delegate fee' was collected Rs. 5.00 for each person for the first time.
13thAssam Bangiya Saraswat Math13341927Sri Sri Thakur introduced ‘Ananda Sabha’ and made Phani Bhusan Mitra read the legally written trust-deed before the devotees on the 2nd day of the devotees’ conference. The 11 trustees who were employed by the Thakur took the oath to do the duties and sho
12thPaschim Bangla Saraswat AshramKharkushma, West Bengal13331926
11thHalisahar Saraswat Ashram13321925
10thMaynamati Saraswat Ashram13311924
9thSri Sri Gouranga SevashramBagura.13301923
8thVowal Saraswat Ashram Dhaka13291922It was the first broad day light commemoration. Swami  Swarupanandaji said overwhelmingly that “Today Dhaka has exposed”.
7thAssam Bangiya Saraswat Math13281921
6thAssam Bangiya Saraswat Math13271920
5thResidence of Sri Nripendra Chandra Roy at Thatari BazarDhaka13261919
4thAssam Bangiya Saraswat MathP.O-Kokilamukh, Dist.-Jorhat,Assam-78510813251918
3rdAssam Bangiya Saraswat MathP.O-Kokilamukh, Dist.-Jorhat,Assam-78510813241917
2ndAssam Bangiya Saraswat MathP.O-Kokilamukh, Dist.-Jorhat,Assam-78510813231916
1stAssam Bangiya Saraswat MathP.O-Kokilamukh, Dist.-Jorhat,Assam-78510813221915In this 'Bhakta-Sammilani' total 11 imminent Bhaktas, 7 ascetics and 4 householders, put in an appearance.