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  Welcome! This is our guest book section. Here you can provide your valuable comments about this website or about any other matter related to Assam Bangiya Saraswat Math or you can view other visitors' valuable message.
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Name: Sidhartha shankar Dey/Biplab shankar Dey, Chhota Tarua(Manusmuria,Baharagora,JH.)/ PUNE-MahaDate:20-September-2007
JAYGURU.This is a Unique&Extraordinary site of its kind.We r all gratefull 2 those,whose immortal holy efforts make it possible 2 keep us in touch with the eternal Saraswat organization online.JAYGURU
Name: Biplab Shankar Dey, Pune-Maharashtra; HOME-Chhota Tarua(Manusmuria,BahDate:20-September-2007
JAYGURU.Here it has been a very proper utilization of Science&Technology.It was also my aim 2 create such site 4 our Eternal Organization.Now i m very glad after come2know abt its existance recently.
Name: Abhijit Chandra, B7 2nd floor, Sector-33 , Noida, 201301Date:11-September-2007
I had taken Mantra in the year 2007 from Suckchar Ashram(WB).
Name: Kamalakanta Mati, bangaloreDate:31-August-2007
Jayaguru,Jayaguru,Jayaguru.....jay ho Nigamananda
Name: Durgesh Nandan Mohanty, Baddi, HImachal PradeshDate:9-August-2007
Far from home, Far from the Sangha, I found this site as a lamp in the dark night.Thanks to the site for i shall find myself ever attached to the one i love. Jayguru
Name: sibendu modak, rajhati (w.b)Date:26-June-2007
i am so happy to see the website.joyguru
Name: Bhubaneswar Tripathy, London, United Kingdom.Date:2-June-2007
Jayaguru. Three years back I had a thought to develop a site like this but now i could see this. Thanks for giving birth my thoughts. I will be grateful if i will get some task to build up this site.
Name: Nilanchal Swara, MumbaiDate:2-January-2007
Really Excellent site ever made ! this site covers almost things, Bigrahas, GuruDham Pictures are very attactive, Must a wishes of sh sh thakur- NSS-Mumbai,NSS-Puri (Biratunga) Durga Charan Mohanty.
Name: Priyabrata achary, Rayagada saraswata sangha,Rayagada.Date:1-January-2007
Jayaguru,it is our goodness that we also got a good way to know a lot of things about Thakur maharaj, ashrams and everything.I would like to give thanks who did this web site.
Name: Aparna Ghatuary, ManusmuriaDate:27-December-2006
Name: Trinath Charan Panda, kamakhya nagar, dhenkanal, orissaDate:27-December-2006
jayaguru, its really a nice attempt for rejuvination. we can contact to ASHRAM anytime and anywhere. Thakur Maharaj must keep his blessing over the Bhais who have developed this site. OM JAYGURU
Name: G.N.Sahu, NALCO NAGAR,ANGUL,ORISSADate:3-December-2006
I was extremely happy to see the web site on our holy Math.I suggest to open a e-account for our math sothat desciples can send their pranami,aryadarpan subscription etc.. online. Regards, GURUNATH
Name: Nigam Prasad Nayak, Dhenkanal,OrissaDate:30-November-2006
Jayaguru,Iam extremly glad on visiting the website of ourA.B.S.math.May my lord bless all those behind the nice work, specially to Srimat Omkar Chaitanya Maharaj and Palas Goswami bhai.
Name: Pradyut Kumar Ghatuary, ManusmuriaDate:30-September-2006
I am very pleased to seen the web site about our abs math and oury holy thakur plese continu it and updaete regulerly. Regards Pradyut
Name: Gobardhana Muni, ChennaiDate:25-September-2006
Jayguru, Site will bring us close to the Ashram.
Name: Suprit Kumar Pattanayak, BhubaneswarDate:24-September-2006
Jayguru. Excellent job has done. My heartly wishes to the concept writter and to all team directly and indirectly helped for this website. Please give a link to: http://www.swaminigamananda.com.
Name: Binapani Sahu, Paradeep, OrissaDate:21-September-2006
Nice step has been taken to spread the spiritual thought given by the Sri Sri Thakur to us and to be blessed by keeping in touch with the A B S math even we are away from the Math
Name: Palash Goswami, Dum DumDate:13-September-2006
Jayguru! Finally we have our own web site regarding Sri Sri Thakur Nigamananda and Assam Bangiya Saraswat Math. Jayguru
Name: Swami jyotirmayananda saraswati, prachar bibhagDate:10-September-2006
Name: Swami jyotirmayananda saraswati, prachar bibhagDate:10-September-2006