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Our Ashrams

Our Ashrams

Apart from the main Math at Kokilamukh, Srimat Swami Nigamananda Paramahansadev established four Ashrams at four places in the then undivided Bengal as centers for propagating Sanatan Dharma and his ideas. Swami  Nigamananda formed rules, modalities and arrangements embodied in a Registered Trust Deed for the effective functioning of the Math and the Ashrams under it.

Here is a list of all the ashrams under Assam Bangiya Saraswat Math. Some of these ashrams are now in Bangladesh.


In the month of Bhadra of Bengali era 1308, Sri Sri Thakur renounced the World. It is an edict that the celibate visits his birth place after 12 years of adopting asceticism. Hence Thakur moved to Kutabpur and Radhakantapur with a few disciple to visit his father's house as well as the home of a maternal uncle on 16th Asarh in 1320. In 1332, just after 12 years of the first visit, he together with his follwers dicided to visit the birth place again. Another four subordinate divisions under the Math were founded in these 12 years. And there was a preparation for the foundation of the 5th divisional Ashram in Kharkusma. He thought that if he moved to "Gurudham", a lot of obedient followers would accompany him. So he vested the charge for the construction of the temple in Kutabpur to Sri Aswini Kumar Dasgupta, sub-judge of Krishnanagar in the month of Falgun, 1332. Thakur made him aware of his intention that he would found this temple after Durgapuja. Aswini babu finished the construction work of the temple before puja accordingly. At the beginning of the month of Kartik in 1333, Thakur together with a lot of disciples made a kind visit to Kutabpur and on the 3rd Kartik 'Gurudham' was founded maintaining scriptural directions.

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Sri Sri Gurudham
Vill: Kutabpur,P.O: Kathuli
Dist: Meherpur,
Phone: 008801196051790



An endeavor was made to found this Ashram at Kumilla in Mainamati in 1325. In the month of Jaistha, 1327, after the arrival of Kumarananda Maharaj (Swami Atmananda Saraswati) this Ashram became well bloomed as a product of his extreme vigour as well as great devotion. In 1331, "the Asan of Gurubrahma" was installed here. After the division of the country, illiberal attitude of the Govt. forced the shifting of the ashram to Ganespur on 15th Agrahayan, 1359. Again this Ashram was shifted to Dwajanagar near Bihsalgarh in Tripura on 29th Jaistha, 1371.

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Purba Bangla Saraswat Ashram
Phone: 03812360552



Chandicharan Paul, a villager of Pathartora in Paschim Medinipur, moved to 'Math' at Kokilamukh in 1325 and met Sri Sri Thakur and accepted him as his 'Guru'. Having Returned to his village, he discussed with Prabhakar Chowdhury, member of the noble Chowdhury family of Kharkusma, for the foundation of the Ashram. In the month of Bhadra, 1326, 6 persons including Sri Chandicharan Paul and Sri Prabhakar Chowdhury moved to the house of Phani Mitra at Howrah and there they were initiated by Thakur. Then they took the full initiative in the foundation of Ashram. Sri Prabhakar Babu donated a wide land at the place named 'Chowdhury's Aaima' for this Ashram. While visiting that palce in 1329, Thakur Maharaj approved it for the construction of the Ashram. As that place was rejected for specific reason, an endeavour was made to construct it in the north-western side of Dhannyachara mauza. This was also approved by Sri Sri Thakur. Those who assisted Sri Chandicharan Paul at the beginning of the construction of the Ashram were Sri Prabhakar Chowdhury, Sri Yogendranath Chowdhury, Sri Sivaprasd Chowdhury, Sri Rakhalraj Khanra, Sri Sarat Chandra Mukherjee of Tamluk, Sri Bhimacharan Basu, Sri Hemchandra Ghosh of Howrah, Sri Phani Bhusan Mitra and Jyotindranath Das and others. Sri Prabhakar Babu organised the Bhakta-Sammilani for the year 1333 in this Ashram. But it was a matter of regret that he died in Chaitra in 1332. At the earnest request of the disciples Swami Chidananda Maharaj took the charge of the Ashram before the foundation of this Ashram (from Falgun in 1330). On the 11th Pausa in 1333, on the first day of Bhakta-Sammilani, "the Asan of Jagadguru" was installed with the kind presence of the beloved Thakur.

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Paschim Bangla Saraswat Ashram
Dist:- West Midnapur, West Bengal
Pin - 721156
Phone: (03227) 217595



Bagura town was situated on the left bank of the river Kartoa, flowing southward. There was a garden-house of some Marwari named Sri Dwarakanath Safaf to the north of the railway and to the east of the Kartoa of Bagura town. With the initiative of Sri Gobinda Chandra Patatunda, Sri Surendra Nath Dasgupta and others, this garden-house was got from Saraf babu as a donation. There was a tin shed where "the Asan of Gurubrahma" was installed by Sri Sri Thakur on the propitious occasion of 'Jhulan Purnima" on the 26th Sraban in 1326. And it was named "Sri Sri Gouranga-Sevashram". The name remained the same till 1332. Later on five Ashrams being founded in the five divisions of Bengal, it was given a new name as 'Uttar Bangla Saraswat Ashram'.

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Uttar Bangla Saraswat Ashram



At the beginning of  the year 1332, the work was started for the foundation of this Ashram with a great devotion and charity of Ganga gopal Saha (later Gopal Chaitannya Dev Pijuspani), an inhabitant of Baliati and on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya "the Asan of Gurubrahma" was installed here.

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Dakshin Bangla Saraswat Ashram
Halisahar,North 24-Paraganas
West Bengal,
Phone: 03812360552

Madhya Bangla Saraswat ashram (Purbasthali, Burdwan, WB)


On the 3rd Falgun, 1323 this Ashram was instituted in the name of 'Saraswat Ashram' at a rented house at 4, Jariatuli in Dhaka. At Akshay Tritiya in 1327, the Ashram was founded at the village Kalni near Joydevpur of Vowal Pargana in Dhaka. And on the 27th Aswin, the Ashram was shifted here from the house of Jariatuli. After the division of the Country Swami Premananda Saraswati Maharaj shifted the Ashram to Purbasthali near Nabadweep in Burdwan district on 12th Pausa in 1357.

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Jalpaiguri Saraswat ashram (Jorpakri, jalpaiguri, WB)


Jamindar Kumar Gurucharan Deb Raikat, inhabitant of Padamati Village in Jalpaiguri district, made an endeavour for instituting a Ashram at his locality after noticing the work culture of the 'Math'. And he prayed to Thakur for his kind approval. After getting a yes, he started the construction at village Jorpakri. But Thakur disliked the place by observing that it was in the locality. Hence at Dangapara, 3 miles far from that palce the Ashram was instituted on the 6 acres purchased land. Having been finished the construction, Sri Sri Thakur came here at the invitation of Sri Gurucharan Babu on 17th Baisakh, 1337. And next day, on 18th Baisakh, on the auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya Thakur installed "the Asan of Gurubrahma".

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Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (Anandanagar, Ainkola, Paschim Medinipur, WB)

In 1337, on the propitious occasion of 'Buddha Purnima' this Ashram was founded with the charity as well as true effort of Sri Laxminarayan Mahapatra. On the next 27th Magh the entire land of the Ashram became sacred for the auspicious visit of Sri Sri Thakur Maharaj. In 1347 Trust Committee of the 'Saraswat Math' approved this Ashram.

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 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (MANUSMURIA, EAST SINGHBHUM, JHARKHAND)

sa_manusmuria.gifSri Sri Thakur paid a visit to Manusmuria thrice in response to the heart-rendering prayer of Sachhidananda Bhol, an inhabitant of Manusmuria. At his 3rd appearance, in the place where the Ashram is presently instituted, he sought a grant and displayed the site to Sri Sri Thakur. With the kind approval of Thakur he finished the construction of the temple. Thinking foundation formalities of the Ashram would be celebrated in the kind presence of Thakur, Mr. Bhol moved to "Sri Sri Gurudham" at Kutabpur and sought a grant for making this appearance to Thakur. Thakur said that he would perform the same by coming in Falgun. But before it, in the month of Agrahayan he set out voluntarily to court his death. Then Swami Chidananda Maharaj performed the foundation formalities in 1347.

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Srimat Debesh Chaitanya Brahmachari
Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram
Manusmuria,East Singhbhum
Jharkhand - 832301
Phone: 06594 255013

Sri Sri Nigamananda Sevashram (Nigam Nagar, Ekmukha, coochbehar, WB)

sa_coochbehara.jpg This Ashram was founded on the holy occasion of 'Jhulan Purnima' in 1357 on the spare land which was given by Sri Krishna Mohan Roy Sarkar, Sri Kasikanta Sarkar and Sri Mahesh Chandra Singha in the east edge of Dwitiya Khanda Vangni beside Sahebganj Road of 3 mile east of Dinhata, sub-divisional town of Coochbehar district. In the west side of Dwitiya Khanda Vangni, at the house of Laxmikanta Singha Thakur made his welcome visit and consecrated the village.

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 Sri Sri Nigamananda SEVASHRAM (ADRA, Purulia, WB)
 bhubaneswar Saraswat Ashram (gautamnagar, bhubaneswar, orisa)
 kadamkanta Saraswat Ashram (kendupatna, cuttack, orisa)
 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (Lokenath Road, Puri, Orisa)
 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (Garmur, Jorhat, Assam)
  Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Sangha (Madhayanga, Rajhati, West Bengal)

Rajhati TBD

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Vill- Madhayanga, PO - Rajhati Bandar, Dist - Hoogly, WB -71241

Ashrams now in Bangladesh

 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (Dewanjee, Chattergram, Bangladesh)
 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (nalghuri, rangpur, Bangladesh)
 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (chhandra, magura, Bangladesh)
 Sri Sri Nigamananda Saraswat Ashram (batajore, barishal, Bangladesh)